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Security Screens for Public, Business and Commercial Facilities

Security Screens Protecting a School

Safeguarding Schools, Universities and Businesses

There is nothing we can do to prevent an incident occurring at our doorstep but we can minimize the impact of actions that could occur

Harmony Security Products is a leading manufacturer of security screens and doors for commercial use.

Including:Burgler Casing House

These products are designed to safeguard your business, or school from vandalism, burglary, and break-ins while maintaining the beauty of your architectural facade. We offer a wide range of standard colors. Custom colors and anodized finishes are also available (cost and lead times will be affected). We will entertain custom projects so do not hesitate to contact us about your particular needs.

Harmony security window screens and security screen doors can deter unauthorized entry even if the screens are shot, as in the tragic event in Connecticut.

You can request samples to inspect the product yourself. Our unique security products can be installed by most contractors or we can provide the installation ourselves.

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