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Security Screens for Schools, Colleges and Housing Authorities

Security Screens on Dormatory

The Window Screen that Shields Your Residents

Security Screens create a physical barrier that deter unauthorized intrusions.

Our 500 series of security window screens are perfect for use in college dorms and housing authorities.

These strong window screen can hold up to everyday use or even abuse from tenants.Close up of Security screen

Harmony's 500 series screen comes standard with an extruded aluminum frame and stainless steel wire mesh.
There are three choices to lock your 500 series screen into place:

  • Non-removable or fixed.
  • Removable
  • Egressable

 You don't have to pick just one locking option, you can mix and match to fit your screen needs.

Our window security screens and security screen doors are designed to fit into their surroundings, not to look like an afterthought.

Screen Locking Options

Non-Removable - Fixed Screens
Non Removable Security Screen
Can only be removed using specially designed tools.
Can be installed into the screen track or onto the face of the window/building.

500-A Non-Removable Fixed (pdf)
500-A Non-Removable Screw Block (pdf)
Removable Screens

Locking System for Security Screens
A locking mechanism will lock the screen into the track.
Installs into the screen track like an insect screen.

500-B Removable Specs (pdf)
Egressable Screens
Egressable Screen Locking Option
Top hinged w/ (2) slide bolts makes this screen Egressable.
Installs onto the window or masonry opening
(Subframe optional)
500-C Egressable Attached to Window (pdf)
500-C Egressable Subframe (pdf)


Not worried about security? How about Durable Insect Screens?

Ripped ScreenOur Durable Insect Screens are the perfect solution when you need a screen with a strong mesh but the security is not necessary. We use an extruded aluminum frame and stronger mesh. You can choose between Pet mesh and .023 stainless steel wire
mesh. Durable insect screens have no security features and will not stop intruders from entering thru your window.

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