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Window Screens for Colleges

Dorm with Harmony Screens

The Window Screens That . . .

Eliminate Screen Repair    Safeguard Students    Secure Facilities 

Protecting Your Students and Facilities Has Never Been Easier!

By installing our security screens on your new or existing windows, you now eliminate the threat of someone coming in through the windows.  You can mount our screens on the inside of the windows to keep students in and intruders out.Insect screens on dorm

Do you have off campus housing that needs to be secured?

These window screens are great for those locations as well and can work with your existing windows.

Do your students destroy insect screens?

We can help you eliminate the hassle of replacing or re-splining insect screens.  We can secure our screens into the track using screw blocks so they cannot be removed.  And with stainless steel mesh, the students will have a difficult time ripping the mesh.

Testimonials from Colleges that have used our window screens:

"We have used Harmony about three times, and they are a good company.  They do a good job and are responsive.  We have had problems with the reliability of other vendors, some shy away from custom work.  Our Watson court residence hall contains casement windows and we wanted the security screens on the inside and not the outside.  Three other vendors came here to look at the job and couldn't come up to speed with a solution.  Harmony showed up, came up with ideas, scheduled the job, produced the screens, came out with the custom screens, and their solution worked the first time, the job went really easy.  they are expedient with the order turnaround.  If they say 4 - 6 weeks, that's when you'll get it!  they have done everything we've asked for so far without any problems, I would absolutely recommend Harmony Security Products to others"  Steve Kauth, Lafayette College, Plan Operation Facility, Easton, PA
"Our window manufacturer suggested their product as working well with their window.  I would absolutely recommend Harmony Security Products to others."  Tom Clark, West Chester University, Manager, Facilities Planning, West Cheser, PA
Window Screen Models



  • Medium Duty Security

  • Ideal for:

    • Ground Floors

    • Vulnerable Areas

  • Light Duty - No Security

  • Ideal for:

    • Upper Floors

    • Off Campus Housing

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